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FREE Nutrition Book and Health Coach Info: www.jolitabrilliant.com. ITS OK, its ok to be upset or angry, say what you need! Healthy Foodie Essential Vitamix- tinyurl.com Is your weight gain emotional? You can not please everyone, for some reason we might have low self esteem, feeling like we are not worthy to have a great life, great body, great relationships, well paid job, great lifestyle. It might come from childhood events, upbringing, recent looses or lessonsmistakes we had in life. Recently I made this realization and its like I made a quantum leap in my emotional state and thats why I am able right now to work towards six pack abs and loose those extra punds Ive gained. We might fail on the raw food diet because we cant let go of that comforting feeling the food gives us, from our childhood and the foods we been consuming throughout our all lifes, the steak might numb you down and make you forget about your problems, even fruit can do that, uplift your mood, but you can retrain yourself to not rely on food to make you feel great, you do not need that! we should put out lifes together the way we can feel we do not need to calm our selves with food, solve our problems and not medicate our selves, its not easy at the beginning but it is very possible and not that hard to do after coupe of weeks you will get into balance. Phillip Mccuskey and Matt Monarch also noticed the same things as me, that when you are on a raw food diet for anger time even raw food starts to <b>…<b>


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