What does Metabolism really mean

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There perhaps is not a word most often used in the world of weight loss than metabolism. It is not uncommon to hear discussions of the successes of the diet or the struggles over whether their metabolism is fast or slow.

Even doctors relate to their metabolism as they try to explain why the loss of water or starvation diets are not scientifically valid.

Unfortunately, most people simply do not understand the concept of metabolism and metabolic change. This is partly due to the amount of misinformation floating around on the Internet so it is not surprising that there seems to be much confusion on the subject.

The first thing to understand is that themetabolism is not a part or organ. Metabolism is a process in which the body converts food to energy (fuel). Your body uses this energy to perform a wide range of functions and is also the energy used to move and function.

I should also note here that the metabolic process is not just a single function, but is actually a term that describes a myriad of functions that take place within the body. Every second of your life there are numerous chemical reactions that occur through metabolic processes.

Your metabolism is often referred to as a process of harmonization that works to achieve two functions: anabolism and catabolism.

The first function, anabolic is the process of creating cells and tissues. Each time, your body is busy creating new cells to replace dead or damaged. On the other hand, catabolism, is exactly the opposite. Instead of building new cells or tissues, this process breaks down the cells for energy.

As you can see, your metabolism is a process that is responsible for two opposite functions: The use of energy to create cells or break the cells to create energy.

When it comes to weight loss, the relationship between metabolism and the amount of calories you consume becomes clearer. When you eat too much food (energy) and your body can not use this energy at a given time, will be forced to create cells with all the extra energy. It has no other option.

All these extra cells are added weight (fat). The joint agreement between the calories, your metabolism and weight gain all come down to do too much energy. When you consume too many calories from food, most of the time the body has to convert calories into fat cells.

Sometimes, however, can develop into muscle tissue, which is generally a good thing for people watching their weight, but generally require some form of exercise.

This is why people with more muscle mass burns more calories without doing anything. Your muscles need more calories to maintain and to have a higher metabolism. It is for this reason that building more lean muscle mass should be part of any overall program to lose weight or increase your metabolic rate.

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