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Add me on FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com Starting November 2011, I began taking my weight loss more seriously.. In the past I went on and off diets but November I decided to stop trying to crash diet and make healthier decisions for myself.. Hence, the official start of my lifestyle change. I am in no way telling you to buy any of the products mentioned in my video, nor am I saying this is the only way to lose weight. Do whatever is best for you! Join a gym, jog outside, join a sport, etc.. Just get active to maintain a healthier lifestyle. You can get workout dvds from walmart, target, amazon.com, ebay.com, etc.. For the INSANITY workout videos visit: www.teambeachbody.com or ebay.com For those wondering HOW I DO MY HAIR to workout.. Its always in a bun. Just like in the video. Since the Insanity workout program in 6 days a week, I use condition to wash my hair daily. On Saturdays after the workout, I use both shampoo and conditioner. This is what works for me. You have to find a regimen that is best for you. I also wanted to add that I AM NO LONGER TAKING BIOTIN.. Im really trying to be healthier and eliminate unnecessary products from my system.. The Biotin helped my hair to get a little fuller, my eyelashes a little longer and my nails stronger.. As far as the length of my hair, it didnt make a dramatic difference, so Im really not going to miss it. Last month I was so inconsistent with taking the product, so I decided to just stop. If you are interested in seeing a <b>…<b>


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