Weight loss tips with Banana Diet Girl : CUT DOWN THE SODIUM MAN!

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weight loss tips with Banana Diet Girl : CUT DOWN THE SODIUM MAN! Robert Young is a health book author recommending up to 14g of sodium per day!! We disagree on that recommendation. ALL the leading heart and kidney doctors promote a low sodium diet as most healthful for the human body. New England Journal of medicine came up with the 50mg a day is a minimum. L. Dahl. Salt intake and salt need. N Eng J Med. 1958 Jun 12; 258 (24): 1205-8 Ironman athletes do not need to supplement sodium. Hew-Butler TD, Sharwood K, Collins M, Speedy D, Noakes T. Sodium supplementation is not required to maintain serum sodium concentrations during an Ironman triathlon. Br J Sports Med. 2006 Mar;40(3):255-9. If you want to reduce fluid retention then reduce your salt intake. Do a 30 day experiement and see how you feel. Keep your calories high as normal. You will find your taste buds adjust and you get a face lift from eating low salt healthy whole food plant based diet centered around fruits and veg. tags: weight loss sexy babe durianrider freelee sodium salt raw food vegan vegetarian health flat stomach hot chick


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