Weight Loss Tip That Will Make Your Mouth Water

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Please help keep this project alive. Donations can be made here – www.paypal.com – For more tips on how to lose weight, get fit, get healthy, succeed on a raw vegan diet, deal with depression and change your life, check out Tim Van Ordens latest AudioBook "Turbo Charge Your Life!" runningraw.com —– In this episode of the Running Raw Project: Tim heads into his garden to make a fresh green smoothie and then talks about a new study out of the Netherlands that looked at the effect that chewing has on amount of food or drink consumed. The results are startling. Those that chewed their food more, ate an average of 19% less food than those that chewed very little. Now that many Americans are drinking their calories in the form of flavored coffee drinks and protein smoothies, its critical that those concerned with weight loss, chew these beverages in order to decrease their appetites. So when it comes to weight loss, its not just what you eat or drink, but how many times you chew it. —– Click here to check out Tim Van Ordens race results – runningraw.com Click here to check out the Running Raw Blog – runningraw.com Click here to like the Running Raw Facebook page – www.facebook.com Click here to subscribe to Tim Van Ordens Facebook updates – www.facebook.com


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