Weight loss effect by alternating hot and cold bath

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Japanese love bath tub and we enjoy onset or hotspring quite often. If Im at home all day, I take bath tub at least 5 times per day. By the way, every time I say "bath", people think "bus", but I dont love taking bus. anyway, By taking bath tub, – Relax muscles and mind – Better blood circulation – Reduce fatigue – Strengthen immunity Its funny that my boy friend got this spa before he met me. He wanted to have Japanese girl friend long time and he knew that Japanese love bath tub, so he made it even though he didnt have Japanese girl friend at that time. I do some stretch in the bath, because Its easier to stretch in hot water. your muscles are more flexible. After the hot bath, I take cold bath. Its so cold especially after hot bath. but By repeating hot and cold water several times, you can actually lose weight. Im doing crazy here but have to something because its too cold. There are 2 kinds of fat cells. Brown fat cells burn calories. White fat cells store calories. By alternating hot and cold, your brown fat cells are trained to work harder, resulting in burning more calories. Instead of cold bath tub, you can take cold shower, and you get almost the same result!


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