Weight Loss Boss: Day 19 + Firm Express Workout

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Firm Express DVDs are here amzn.to .This is Day 19 of 30 in my weight loss Boss challenge (September 29, 2012). I also do two of the Firm Express workouts today and show some of my workout. The 2 workouts completed are Firm Express Pump it Up and Firm Express Shortcut to Flat Abs. weight loss BOSS Series: How I Got So Fat youtu.be weight loss Boss How I lose weight youtu.be Day 1 www.youtube.com Day 2 www.youtube.com Day 3 www.youtube.com Day 4 youtu.be Day 4 workout youtu.be Day 4 night vlog youtu.be Day 5 youtu.be Day 6 youtu.be Day 7 youtu.be Disclaimer: Danelle Ice is not a certified personal trainer, licensed dietician, nutritionist, or medical professional. She is a figure competitor and healthy living enthusiast who enjoys sharing her methods for bodybuilding, exercise routines and clean eating routines. She is not advocating the weight loss Boss program for any viewers to try. Danelle Ice disclaims any liability for loss, damage, or injury in connection with use of the instructions, materials, methods, andor advice contained in this video. Affiliate links are included in this post and viewers may assume I receive compensation when affiliate links are used. WARNING: Always consult a physician before starting any exercise program or diet. Background music "Thump" provided by Jason Shaw of audionautix.com under Creative Commons license. YOUTUBE CHANNELS http youtube.com youtube.com youtube.com youtube.com youtube.com youtube.com BLOGS SimDanelle.com SimDanelle.com <b>…<b>


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