Weight Gain Blueprint: How To Build Muscle For Hardgainers

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I had it up to HERE with busting my ass in the gym 6 days a week only to step on the scale and discover I was the same size as last month.

I was TIRED of spending hundreds of dollars a month on worthless over-hyped supplements that did nothing for me but drain my bank account.

And I was SICK of my friends and family commenting on how freakin’ skinny I was and telling me I "needed to gain some weight."

This is the only known photographical evidence of just how SKINNY I really was… As you can see I wasn’t born with the natural ability to build muscle. In this picture I weighed just 142 pounds at 6 foot 2… And had basically no muscle mass.

Another year passed and after all that time I only gained a few more pounds. I was up to 167 pounds and I still looked skinny… At this rate it would take me another 4 YEARS until I broke 200 pounds! I was still spinning my wheels, getting painfully slow results. Little did I know, I was about to "crack the code" and gain more weight in the next 19 weeks than I did in the previous 2 years combined.

Was born with great muscle-building genetics and can grow muscle very easily just by picking up a dumbbell and fooling around in the gym a couple days a week.

Is a steroid-injected freak who has so much testosterone coursing through his veins that he can spend 3 hours in the gym, eat a snickers bar and he’d still pack on muscle.

Works for a greedy publication company and gets paid to come up with "new and creative" workouts in order to sell more magazines or books. This person doesn’t care how effective his advice is, as long as it sells!!

"Gained 13 Pounds" Hi :) I used your program to find out some training methods and diets and so on… I have now been using those methods for a month and I have gained 13 pounds :) Thanks a lot Jeff "the master" Masterson :) I still got lots of weight to gain :) Amir Luoma Finland

"It’s been one week and I’m up 4 pounds" It’s been one week and I’m up 4 pounds I’m 153 I started 148 just going to keep pushing. I really wanna thank you to man for sharing this method its really a life changer. Sent from my iPhone Andrew Creason ***UPDATE*** 160 brother up 12 pounds from 148(my start weight) so far and it’s been a month can wait to be 180 Sent from my iPhone ***UPDATE*** I’m 164 brother Sent from my iPhone

"5 pounds… in 4 days" O!! MY!!! FrEAKING!!! gOD!!!! Thank you so much!!! Im 14 and used to weigh 116 pounds but since I started doing what you told me, i got to 121.4!! In 4 freaking days!!!! Ive been eating more tasty stuff ( pastrami :) ) and watched what i ate so it went up umm….5 pounds!!!! In 4 days!!! Its amazing cuz i only grew 5 pounds in weight in a whole year!! 4 mutha fudgin days!!! :D im gonna continue following your tips…


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