Wedding Weight Loss: Lose Weight with Me!

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Hope you guys join me Game Starts Sept 17, 2012 – My bet $20 The Pot is now over $1000 join us now :-) With DietBet, you bet into shape. Its like The Biggest Loser, only you can play right now, on the web, with thousands of other people who all want to lose weight together with a cool new Social Dieting game. How does it work? First, everyone puts money into the pot. Then once the game starts, youve got 4 weeks to lose 4% of your starting weight. DietBet holds the pot and verifies weigh-ins. Whoever reaches their 4% target after 4 weeks splits the pot. ♡Sigma Makeup Brushes (Get a free gift when you purchase $30 or more) ♡Hair Info — StyleMeIreland Wavy Brazilian 26, 22,18,12 inch closure ♡My Facebook page http ♡My Twitter ♡Foundation Routine ♡How to Apply Eyelashes Tutorial ♡Recorded with Canon t3i ♡Edited with iMovie 2011


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