WATCH ME SHRIINK #1 Weight Loss Day 1-6 Low Fat Raw Vegan Detox

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My Raw Food Blog- Body Shots Jan 13 to Jan 19- Low Fat Raw Vegan Detox Phase 1 Welcome to my Youtube Channel! Hello my name is Twyla aka Xenarae aka Twilight… Im 26, 53 12 tall. Im a Starseed, I channel source. In 3D Im an artist, fashion and jewelry designer. To see my work visit: I will be sharing my raw food lifestyle journey with you to inspire many into great health and enlightenment. Please follow my blog at: Types of videos I will be posting: -Raw Vegan Food Recipes -Detox Fasting- My Raw Vegan Transition -Spiritual benefits of becoming a raw vegan -Spiritual benefits of fasting -Health, Fitness & Beauty -Breatharianism -Art, Fashion & Jewelry CONTACT ME ▲Subscribe to my channel then add me as a contact. Thats the only way you can message me or just leave a comment under my video. ▲If you want to chat KIK- ieatrainbowsnow


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