Vindictus Lann Twin Spear Gameplay

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INFO ON EQUIPPING TWIN SPEARS: In order to equip Twin Spears, you must have fulfilled a few requirements. The requirements are: 1. Be level 24 2. Finish the Hell Beyond the Door battle quest in Ainle and bring the Broken Wand to Ellis (this is a story quest, so follow the story and you will finish this one before reaching level 24) 3. You must have rank D Twin Sword Mastery (you should have at least this much anyway to lower the weight of your swords) 4. The final requirement is to kill 15 wisps with secondary weapon spears. However, you cant get the title needed to finish the quest until you complete 1-2 (3 is simply for using the mastery book). After getting the first 2 requirements, talk to Marrec. He will have a quest for you; get the Twin Spear Wielder title. The easiest and fastest way to do this is go into the perilous ruins and do the Wind Through the Ruins Quest, where a few wisps spawn right in the beginning. After finishing the above, you will get 2 skill books. 1 is for Twin Spear Mastery, which you need to equip the most basic Twin Spear, Iron Twin Spear. The other is Fury Infusion, a skill that raises your attack and critical hit rate for about 200 HP. The more you rank the skill, the less HP you lose per use, and the greater the attack + critical hit rate (each rank gives 120 extra attack, and at rank 9, the rank after A, you can use it while moving, plus you no longer have to charge it up), and it lasts slightly longer each rank. Guides say to max this <b>…<b>


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