video 6 – DIY instructions PART 1 of 2 – free URINE THERAPY for GANGRENE on diabetic’s foot

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We are learning what works and what doesnt. So far the man is consuming only water and fresh urine…NO FOOD! This is allowing the body to work on the injured foot and getting rid of other junk in the body. He is losing weight, When this is all over he will hopefully be in great shape. Because he has no feelings in his legs, feet, hands, up to the waist, he gets injured very easy. The Chi Machine will help with circulation, without exercising, because he has to stay off his foot. Using the WetCell (which is no longer being produced) as a foot bath. It cleanses and helps keep infection down without touching or wiping the foot, which could be very destructive to the skin. The wraps we are using are just cotton sheets, torn into strips and washed only with rubbing alcohol, no soap, and dried in the clothes dryer. Aged urine is used to soak the wraps and then applied to the food. Too bad about the smell.BUT.we dont add anything.. like oils, because it seems to burn the skin. The magnets were used for the swelling at first, but today we decided not to use them and see if the swelling comes back without them. Since the toe is now bleeding, perhaps magnets are not so good right now. Wrapping each toe, so they dont touch each other was a suggestion from a nurse. We didnt think of it until the other toes started to show problems too. The urine seems to do a good job. At first the skin was peeling over in top and bottom of the foot. That is now all healed with healthy skin. The <b>…<b>


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