Use Weights with your Treadmill

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In recent times, treadmills have grown-up in attractiveness and have become the most important basis of exercise for a lot of people as an aid to weight loss. Although treadmills are a big choice and can help you burn a decent amount of calories, there are few tricks you can use to burn even more calories as using a treadmill.

For the first 15 minutes of using the machine, your body is basically warming up and not a lot of calories are being burnt. Because the leg muscles are great, they require a significant amount of blood flow in order to start burning fat.

Most people are excited to complete the first 15 minutes of a treadmill exercises, but this should be just the start. Everything after 15 minutes is where the fat burning act really starts to begin.

The greatest way to get the most out of any treadmill exercises is to actually warm your legs up just before you start by using weights. Doing this will reduce the time it takes for your body to warm up andstart burning fat. Here are a couple of exercises you can do for around 15 minutes with weights before getting on the treadmill.

Squats – Using a smith machine or squat bar is a great way to warm up those muscles in your legs. Doing sets of 10 repetitions with about 90 seconds of break in between sets will warm up your muscles effectively and quickly.

If you don’t have any free weights or equipment, you can just perform normal squats which are still fine, however, you should increase your repetitions per set to around 20.

Lunges – These might seem a little awkward, but they are exceptional as well for arming up those leg muscles.

To perform a lunge, you simply put one foot in front of the other while bending the knee of the back leg to touch the floor, you then stand up straight and bring your front leg back to normal position and do it again. These again, can be performed with free weights or with no weights.

After you have warmed up those leg muscles and get on that treadmill, each minute will be burning fat. Losing weight is all about burning body fat so these easy replacement exercises will assist you to get much more weight loss from the same amount of time.

Also, you should keep in mind to modify your treadmill practice around from time to time specially if your goal is weight loss. If you can, use a treadmill that has the alternative of inclining and declining so you can target different muscle groups of the legs.

If you enjoy to run, you should try walking, but at a brisk pace for longer periods. This is to bring down the strain put on the knees.

Keep in mind, losing weight comes down to burning calories, so don’t forget to warm up those legs before you set foot on the treadmill so that you burn fat from the very first step and not the 500th.

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