Trucking the most dangerous profession.Numbers don’t lie

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Always carry extra water get shut down whatever the reason you need to have water. You can get caught in an earthquake, Flood, Hurricane area never know you have to be prepared. I carry both water and a MSR miniworks water filter just in case. I find this works so well because it is so easy to do and takes hardly any time for preparation. The most time intensive part is getting the groceries I choose wal mart because they are familiar to me with their volume you know you are going to get fresh stock. If you have used a check in any wal-mart and are on the road they will take your check (same account) even if you are far from home. Use the walmart bags to store your dirty cloths in keeps the odor down in the truck if the smell is contained. What ever you buy keep in mind the amount of storage space (fridge volume) you have for keeping things cold that is why I am so specific about what I buy cold because once they defrost gradually in the fridge you will have to eat them or you will be tossing your money in the trash. I so buy some cold cuts but this is for when I want a change up you eat sandwiches every day you will gain weight. If you live on the road more than I do you might want to invest in a microwave (MW) and inverter but many companies restrict the inverter wattage and you could be a while before they will install it they usually want to install it because of all the past truck fires due to improper installation. This should be standard in any truck with a sleeper <b>…<b>


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