Training on an Empty Stomach…? Paleo Diet…? Build Muscle and Lose Fat…? QnA Vince Del Monte

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Join the most interactive and supportive fitness community on facebook: @0:40 – Whats the best way to limit fat gains whilst gaining size and muscle mass? Best way to build muscle and lose fat? @1:50 – How do I measure improvement from week to week? I realize timing rest periods and optimizing recovery are key, but with what variables? (Increase repssetsweight etc.) @3:08 – With the increasing popularity of paleo eating, do you believe it is possible to eat paleo and follow No Nonsense Muscle Building workout program? @4:06 – I have been placing a strong emphasis on increasing arm and chest mass. As such, I have been taking measurements bi-weekly. Although I use the same method each time, I am not sure what is the "correct" way to measure arms, chest, etc. Can you help explain? Is this a good indicator of progress in your opinion? @6:50 – Is training on an empty stomach a good idea for fat loss? I get up @ 6am take bcaas then at 6.30am do a kettlebell interval session for 45 minutes. I need your help to achieve my 1 Million Transformation Mission so be sure to SUBSCRIBE to the channel and share this video on Facebook and Twitter: Vince Del Monte Muscle Building Expert, Author, Model


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