Total Gym 1800 Club Unboxing, Setup, & Brief Review

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Link to my deal; -The unboxing and setup of a Total Gym 1800 Club with a brief review at the end. Due to 15 min. restriction I have removed 1.5 mins. of me babbling andor making a mess, this is why so many fades and wipes. Sorry about that, …and the cruddy sound from a horrible camera mic. I made this video because when I went to purchase this very home gym exercise equipment w included accessories I was looking for this exact video to help me with my purchase and did not find one. I thought I would be a good guy and make one for any other diligent discount shoppers that may need it in their fitness quest. Per request(s) I am including a forwarding link to where I got my deal; I will keep it updated if I find it cheaper elsewhere.


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