TOP 5 Reasons to eat Raw Vegan Banana Girl Diet

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Hi! Im Freelee, the Banana Girl. In this video I talk about why you should get on a Banana Girl Diet aka High Carb Raw Vegan. I give you my top 5 reasons why I follow this lifestyle for the past 6 years. Top 5 reasons to eat raw vegan 1. UNLIMITED CALORIES Finally being able to eat as much as I care for at every meal. Total satisfaction after each meal, never wanting to binge out. Staying lean eating all the calories I care for. Having a full belly of food that goes down quickly and isnt bloated for hours. 2. AWESOME ENERGY LEVELS Ive never had so much energy in my life! Going for a run has never been so easy. I wake up fresh and motivated not dull and sluggish. 3. APPEARANCE (SKIN, EYES, SLIM ETC) I used to have a rash of pimples all over my face, chest, shoulders thats gone. My eyes used to be yellow. I used to burn easily because I have fair skin but now it tans easily. Skin tone is nice and warm. My hair is actually thicker than it used to be, just seems to be more full. Ive lost over 40lbs on the banana girl diet NO CALORIE RESTRICTION. 4. DIGESTION, ELIMINATION, MENTAL CLARITY As a cooked fodder I cycled between diar-rear and constipation. Not any more! I used to have Irritable Bowel Syndrome now I just have big fluffy happy poop! 5. TASTE Once your tastebuds are cleansed you will savour the simple subtle flavours of fruit. Eating salts, excitotoxins, carcinogenic oils will destroy your tastebuds. Every 10 days you get a new set of tastebuds so eat the banana <b>…<b>


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