TLDR: Weight Loss, Shopping, Google OS, and Music Creation

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Open Source weight loss Week 1: the Rollercoaster 10 Favorite Music Creation Apps for iPhone and iPad Compromised Contacts Can Cause Confusion Dead Drops Offer Global Offline Anonymous File Sharing Network Updated Google OS: Why You Will Like It Five Reasons to Shop Online Pirillo Vlog 019 – Mystery of the Lip Thing Pirillo Vlog 020 – Join Us for a Free Midnight Snack! Pirillo Vlog 021 – Were on a Boat! Back Link of the Day Thanks to Vytautas Girdzijauskas (wish me luck on me pronouncing that correctly) of Neliberaliai for mentioning a recent LockerGnome post by new contributor Maximilian about where inspiration for writing can be found! If youd like to be mentioned as a Back Link of the Day, link to one of our posts on from your site and — this is the important part — tell us about it! Join us when the countdown ends! http


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