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The 21st century has witnessed vast improvements in the fields of communication, arts and in medicine. We can no longer imagine what technology will be presented 10 years from now because of very fast changes. One of the proof of our high technology in the field of medicine is hypnotherapy, this is a branch of medicine where it is a therapy that is undertaken with a subject in hypnosis. Put in simpler terms, the mind is being hypnotized to help achieve certain goals like business enhancement, mind-power enhancement, weight loss improvement, dating success enrichment, fitness success fulfillment and many more, it will help the mind through various recordings that will condition to mind to achieve such goals.


The creator of the Titanium Hypnosis is the best in clinical hypnotherapy, he is Steve G. Jones. He is a certified expert in this field with 20 years of experience in hypnosis. He created the self-hypnosis program using a state-of the-art technology and is supervised by certified sound engineers to ensure that the recordings are precise, efficient and concrete. This has to be done is a specially built sound-proof studio to make sure that there will be no background noise that can affect the pleasure of the sound recording users. These recordings that can be heard through CD, dvd and MP4 version depending on the user’s availability of gadgets. This program is digitally certified to produce optimum precision in audio and visual output.


Every titanium recording is worth your every penny because it is an hour and 10 minutes long to maximize your hypnosis experience. This therapy is extremely relaxing and pleasurable but still an advice from the doctor would prove to be very useful. There are cases of abnormal results because of past conditions of mental ailments or heart failures. It is best to seek medical help before undergoing this program.


The titanium recordings will put you into a deep relaxing sleep that is why it is best to listen to it before you go to sleep during the night. The program consists of 21 titanium recordings that should be listened every night for the next three weeks. Each recording is pre-made with binaural tones which are designed for a low frequency to enhance your experience using hypnosis. The titanium series had used the most advanced sound technology and high effective crew of certified sound engineers to produce the most relaxing self-hypnosis in the market today.


The titanium recordings consist of one out of ten accidentally chosen inductions and deepenings that is designed to have the best relaxation possible. There will also be a script that is composed of 30 minutes of powerful affirmations to reprogram your subconscious mind to make certain changes in your life which is of course depending on what field you will choose to improve. At the end of every session the patient is required to fall into a very deep sleep to ensure progress in  the hypnosis process. These innovations are programmed to condition the mind to achieve high expectations, this is clinically proven effective and proficient.


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