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We’ve been running the Whole30 program on our site since April 2009, and over the course of the last two years, we’ve seen that despite the “complete” program outline we provide, there are also countless ways to complete the program 100% according to the rules… and still get it all wrong. The common errors we’ve seen with clients and participants can sabotage your Whole30, leading to less than stellar results and increased frustration with yourself, your nutritional plan and your relationship with food. We realized that without more information, more guidelines, more structure, some folks weren’t going to realize all of the benefits the program had to offer.

Consider this your personal nutritional handbook, so that you can implement your Whole30 program as effectively as possible. Here, we’ve answered all of your commonly asked questions, provided you with our detailed shopping guide and original meal planning template, and given you all the recipes and meal planning tips you’ll need to experience the full benefits of the program done the right way. Need another reason to purchase our Guide?

You could always utilize the Whole30 program for free on this site. The program will always be free, and we will always provide a forum for people to share their experience. But while there is a TON of free information on our site, who’s got the time or energy to scroll through thousands of comments and hundreds of posts to find the answers to your questions? That’s why we created this Success Guide – everything you need to rock YOUR Whole30, all in one comprehensive and easy to follow e-book.

The information you’ll find here will teach you how to eat like this for the rest of your life, in a way that feels healthy, balanced, satisfying and sustainable. This Success Guide is your path to short term and long term optimal health, which means you can use the information you’ll find here every single day… forever. Give us 30 days, and we can help you change the way you eat for the rest of your life. We think that’s reasonable, don’t you?

Please note, this Success Guide is for INDIVIDUAL SALE ONLY. We respectfully request that our personal Whole30 Success Guide is NOT TO BE REDISTRIBUTED within gyms, fitness facilities, or any other group, organized or otherwise. (In essence, we are asking in good faith that you not purchase a copy for your gym and make copies for all of your members, as that is an exploitation of our proprietary material, and doesn’t set a very good example for your clients.)  If you own a gym, health club or other type of fitness facility, please visit our Gym Guide page, and learn about our comprehensive, stand-alone nutritional program for small and large groups. If you own a wellness center or medical clinic, please visit our Medical/Wellness Guide page, and learn about our comprehensive, stand-alone nutritional program for your health care-related practice.


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