The Vagina Bible: Tightening & Strengthening The Vagina One Squeeze At a Time

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If you’re one of the millions of women suffering from a lackluster sex life, then conditioning your vaginal muscles is a sure-fire way to bring the pleasure back to unimaginable, almost heavenly levels.

Don’t let bad sex end your relationship. Tightening your vagina will not only make you more orgasmic, but the control you will develop over your vaginal muscles will have your man’s eyes rolling in the back of his head each and every time you make love.

A sizzling sex life is a must, and developing awesome control over your vaginal muscles is the ONLY way to ensure that your sex is absolutely mind-boggling each and every time!

The power and skill you develop will make you an absolutely GODDESS in the bedroom. You will be able to control your vaginal muscles with such precision that you will be able to make your man come INSTANTANEOUSLY.

You’ll make him lose his mind when you clamp down on his penis, milking his member as he begs you for more each and every time!

This is not only about pleasure. This is about being confident and competent in the bedroom. It’s about being an INCREDIBLE LOVER that your husband or boyfriend will tell all of his friends about.

Do you worry that your vagina is loose? This can be a source of great doubt and insecurity, and there’s no reason to live like this when there is a step-by-step way to make your vagina both tighter and stronger in just a few minutes a day. Learning these exercises, coupled with the many tips and techniques laid out in this book, will take your sex life to places it has never been before.

You’ll have such incredible orgasms that your lover won’t be able to touch you for minutes afterwards. Your entire body will become so sensitive that even a gentle finger will feel like a bolt of lightening through your entire body!

What’s the truth? Does the vagina become loose after sex, and if you have too much sex will it stay loose forever? You will learn what is true and what isn’t in The Vagina Bible. You will be astounded to know that 99% of what you thought to be common knowledge about the vagina is actually FALSE!

Urinary incontinence occurs when your pelvic floor muscles are extremely weak. More specifically, the muscles that support your urethra become so weak that when you cough, laugh, sneeze or do anything that puts pressure on your bladder and pelvic cavity, you will leak urine. The exercises laid out in The Vagina Bible will have you strengthening your pelvic floor in just minutes. You will be able to prevent & eliminate Stress Urinary Incontinence forever!

Many women report that after having a child their vagina feels weak and loose, and they no longer have the sensitivity to have great sex. And worst of all, they no longer feel sexy. Sensation in the vaginal canal is directly related to the amount of friction created by…


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