The Peak of Health, 80/10/10 Diet

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Loading .... The 80 Diet is now in ebook format!!! Featured in order of appearance; – Kevin Cosmo: raw vegan promoter, advocate, ultra-marathoner – Dr. Douglas Graham: 30+ year raw foodist, doctor, lecturer, life long athlete, author – Debbie Took: raw food promoter, founder of – Michael & Melvin: 801010 raw food models (or at least they could be) – Anne Osbourne: 20+ year raw foodist, founder of – Richard Gambino: 50 year old teenager, 2012 All-American steeplechase athlete – John Kohler: 17+ year raw foodist, founder of – Freelea: Raw vegan activist, lost 40+ lbs, Banana Girl, – Chris Randall: Lost over 140 lbs on the 801010 Diet, – Dr. SAM: Samuel A. Mielcarski, Creator of RAW-habilitation, – Chris Kendall: Healed candida, raw food chef, skateboarder, – Karen Ranzi: 20+ year raw vegan, author, lecturer, – Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram: 7+ yr raw vegan, healed hyperglycemia, – Dan McDonald: The liferegenerator, YouTube superstar, raw vegan promoter – Grant Campbell: 6+ yr raw vegan, 801010 ultra-marathoner, – Victoria Arnstein: Champion ultra-marathoner, co-founder of WFF, – Dr. Rick Dina: 25+ yr raw vegan, educator, – Megan Elizabeth: healed adrenal fatigue, lost weight, – Don Bennett: 28+ yr raw vegan, author <b>…<b>


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