The Obesity-Cancer Connection Panel: Metabolism, Diet and Disease conference

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The Obesity-Cancer Connection Panel : from the Metabolism, Diet and Disease conference held in Washington DC from 29-31 May 2012. The aim of the conference was to show how basic research on the biochemistry, cell biology and genetics of metabolism can address the major health problems of cancer, obesity, diabetes and insulin resistance, and explain ageing and longevity. This panel discussion focused on the connection between cancer and obesity and what we can do about it. On platform: Gregory Petsko (Brandeis University) Gary Taubes (University of California, Berkeley) Michael Pollak (McGill University) Jeff Volek (University of Connecticut) Rudolf Kaaks (German Cancer Research Center, Heidelberg) Stephen Hursting (University of Texas) Linda Nebeling (National Cancer Institute) In front row: Richard Bergman (Cedars-Sinai Medical Center) Barbara Kahn (Harvard University) Lenny Guarente (Harvard University) Raul Mostoslavsky (Massachusetts General Hospital) Questions from the floor: Richard Feinman (Downstate Medical Center (SUNY), New York)


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