The Diet Solution Program – Interview with author Isabel De Los Rios

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Click here to visit the Official Website of The Diet Solution Program: What is The Diet Solution Program? Quite simply, it is the most comprehensive and detailed nutrition manual available on the market today. Not only does it teach you exactly what principles you need to follow to finally reach your ideal weight, it gives you the meal plans, shopping lists and recipes to do so. There is no extreme or unreasonable program pushed at you to lose weight, instead you are given the blueprint to a lifestyle of healthy eating and living. Success Stories "This was a reminder for me as this was how I started in the first place with your 3 main tips. Then after a week and a half and starting to see results we bought the Diet Solution program. I am loving it. I am definitely seeing results and feeling heaps better. So is my husband. I have more energy best of all my trousers arent tight anymore. The one thing that does surprise me is that is I am not craving chocolate like I used to. Thanks heaps and keep up the motivation — there are days when I definitely need it." Karen and Stewart Parker New Zealand "Before I found Isabels nutrition tips online, I ate a diet consisting of a dangerously low amount of fat each day. I thought all fat was bad. Now I know Almonds, Flax seeds & Walnuts are good for me! At first I was scared to eat HEALTHY fats but once I did the pounds started coming off to my surprise! Calories used to be the first thing I looked at on a <b>…<b>


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