The blood sugar level and weight loss

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One of the reasons why people tend to get hungry soon after a meal is that the food they had eaten had been too quickly digested and the carbohydrates and speadily treated, burned or stored as body fat.

Foods that have this problem are mainly those that contain mostly simple carbohydrates such as sweets, chocolate and white bread, pasta, rice and potatoes.

These over-processed foods also have a high glycemic index. The glycemic index (GI) is a term that refers to the way your blood sugar level in the organs responds to certain foods. Foods that have a high glycemic index (simple carbohydrates like those mentioned above) to increase the sugar level in the organs rapidly, while the opposite is true for foods with low glycemic index.

When your blood sugar rises too quickly, causing a large increase in insulin that is released into the bloodstream. This excess insulin reduces the level of blood sugar far below normal, which will signal the brain to eat more sugar, but if it does, the cycle repeats.

The secret then to eat the right kind of food to decrease the absorption of sugars in the body will also decrease the amount of insulin released. Insulin is also known as the storage of fat hormone “that will make the sugars that are not essential to bodily functions which are stored as body fat for later use.

This is why some people have what they call a “sweet tooth” all the time.

The trick then is to not eat foods high in simple carbohydrates, but eating something with a low glycemic index, like a piece of fruit or protein foods that will cause your blood sugar in the blood enough to go back to normal and not make it go up and down considerably.

Doing this will remove the constant desire to eat sweets, sugary foods.

Adding more fiber to your meals is an excellent way to slow absorption of carbohydrates in the body. He does this because it is not digestible by the human body that allows you to drastically slow down the rate of absorption of calories than any other you eat with him.

If you can learn to love vegetables in your meals then you will get leaner faster than ever before.

Frozen mixed vegetables are actually one of the easiest to prepare meals, taking a few minutes in the microwave, with almost no effort. Fiber is found in vegetables would be one of the best sources, plus they have the added advantage of having other nutrients within them.

Some other good sources of fiber are fruits and oatmeal.

Beware of fat-free foods or products advertised as “low fat”, because we know that they are loaded with sugar, honey, corn syrup, glucose, maltose, molasses or (6 different types of sugar).

These foods stimulate the pancreas to release large amounts of insulin to get all the sugar in your blood, and now know that insulin is a hormone that promotes fat storage and prevents fat loss.

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