The Alkaline Diet Success Formula by Andrew Bridgewater – The Alkaline Diet

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Please pay attention to every word on this page as I lay out the secrets to achieving your optimum energy, health & vitality – without resorting to extreme exercise routines or faddy diets

I’m Andrew Bridgewater, and I’ve got an IMPORTANT message if you’re struggling with a lack of energy, vitality and health…

It’s so easy to fall in to the trap of thinking “that’s just the way it is”, or “oh at my age it’s to be expected”, or even “I’ve tried everything but nothings worked yet”.

You CAN find a way to break out of the apathy and resignation, confusion and doubt, to reclaim your birthright to optimum wellness and weightloss.

Because in 2007 I was a tired, overweight and stressed out business owner.  I felt OLD – and I was only 45!

My “get up and go” had got up and gone, my mindset had switched from positive to negative and even though I’m a trained Psychologist I just couldn’t “pull myself out if it”.

So I widened my research and looked at the foods and drinks I was putting in to my body and the effect on my physical and mental wellbeing.

These are my “before and after pictures” – in just 6 months I lost 50lbs in weight, and my business gained a new lease of life.

What’s the missing link – the magic formula that boosted my energy to new levels, bought my weight to its natural balance, and completely restored my love of life?

“How IS it possible to undo the damage done by years of acidic build-up in your body and bring it back to a state of optimum weight and wellness?”

By following a balanced alkaline diet lifestyle you’ll achieve a healthy pH level, which will rebuild your cells and your tissues, and align your body in a state of natural wellness.

So stay with me whilst I explain more about “The Alkaline Diet Success Formula”, and I promise you you’ll find it’s so much more than a “quick fix” solution…

If You’d Like To Enjoy A Lifetime Of Abundant Health, Vitality and Energy,  Here’s My Unique Strategy To Get You There In The Shortest Possible Time:-

The Alkaline Diet Success Formula is like no other health system and consists of  a series of one-hour coaching lessons in both MP3 audio and MP4 video format. The “Fast Start” session explains the whole approach in overview, followed by 6 in-depth weekly lessons.

Fascinating Interviews with other alkaline diet experts accompany each weekly lesson to create a home study course which contains everything you need to experience true health and amazing levels of energy – FAST !

Follow the course and you’ll enjoy many amazing benefits of the alkaline diet in just a few short weeks:-

Over and over again I hear the success stories from people I’ve worked with, who now naturally follow the Alkaline Diet and cannot IMAGINE ever wanting to go back to…


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