Taylena I’m in love with a killer season 3 ep. 16

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Back at home Selena: *puts Daniel to sleep. She walks into her and taylors room* Taylor: *standing, looking out the window* Selena: *stands next to him and wraps he arms around him and leans her head on his shoulder* you alright babe? Taylor: Im fine. Im just scared Selena: *looks up at his face* why? Taylor: *turns so hes looking straight at her* because. I almost lost you tonight Selena. I was so scared *tears fall from his eyes* Selena: baby, dont cry *wipes his tears* I promise you. Youll never lose me. Ever Taylor: I love you so much Selena: I love you too Taylor: *pulls her chin up and kisses her* Next afternoon Selena: *goes downstairs* hey you two Daniel: mommy! *runs to her and gives her a hug* Selena: hi trouble *kisses his head* Taylor: hey, no kiss for me? Selena: *giggles* of course I wouldnt forget about you *walks over to him and kisses his cheek* Taylor: *his jaw drops* hey! No fair! I wanted a kiss here *points to his lips* Selena: *giggles again* too bad Daniel: *runs to Selena* mommy! Selena: yea sweetie? Daniel: when can I have a baby brother or sister? Selena: *shocked* where did that come from honey Daniel: daddy said I can have a baby brother or a sister if I be a good boy! Selena: *turns around and glares at Taylor* Taylor: *looks at her innocently* what? Selena: *shakes her head* nothing Later on Selena: hey guys. Im gonna go to demis house. You two behave. Alright? Taylor: dont worry honey. We will Daniel: yea mommy! Well behave <b>…<b>


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