Supplements for Weight Loss

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My Blog: Controlling the Carb Monster- This is a review of my daily supplements and home remedies I take for my Low Carb Lifestyle and my total health. Natural Remedies Coconut Oil- 1- tablespoon per each meal or mixed in coffee Coconut Oil Pulling 1 tablespoon (fasting) Apple Cider Vinegar W The Mother-2 tablespoons mixed with 8oz water, drink with straw Cayenne Pepper- 12 teaspoon, mixed in warm water with stevia-sip slowly Limes(juiced)-1-2 tablespoon added to water daily. Vitamins and Supplements: Multi Vitamin -taken alone wait several hours before I take remaining supplements with food Milk Thistle-240mcg with dandelion, fennel, licorice Vitamin D3(1000 IU) per day Super B Complex &C Chromium Picolinate-200mcg Biotin (1 every other day) Calcium Magnesium & Zinc Natural Potassium-99mg Please check with your doctor before you take any supplements. Disclaimer* I purchased all my vitamins and supplements with my own money.


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