Stage Ready Nutrition & Training

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An Open Letter To ALL Fitness, Figure, Bikini, Model and Bodybuilders Who Would Like To Compete In A Contest For The First Time…

Discover The "Backstage Secrets" That The Most Successful Fitness, Bikini, Model And Bodybuilding Competitors Use To Dominate Their Competition and Land on The Cover Of Famous Fitness Magazines…

Top Contest Producer of The Wildly Popular Fitness Atlantic Contest Finally Takes The Mystery Out Of Competing In A Contest By Going Back Stage And Revealing The Secrets Of The Top Athletes In His Contests

How would you like to go backstage at my Fitness Atlantic show and discover these secrets from the top competitors:

How to use nutrition, diet, and supplement secrets to maximize your physique potential

What to do to gain maximum exposure…in case your goal is to get on the cover of a magazine

How do the top athletes from my competition get in such amazing shape and improve themselves year after you.

Many athletes got started at my contests and am blessed to say are in my rolodex now…

Supplements, training, dieting, you name it I’ve seen it or I’ve tried it…

What’s bugged me the most: There was little I could do to help them with their problems.

As promoter of the contest I couldn’t be seen as playing favorites and training the contestants.

Here’s What My Get-In-Top-Shape-For-The-Contest Blueprint Can Do For You…

My system for getting you a stage ready body has developed from my years in the industry as a competitive bodybuilder, judge, and producer.

You could spend years and years trying the break the code for a stage ready physique in minimum time…

The “Magic” Nutrition Ratio Which Tilts Your Body’s Metabolism Toward Building Muscle And Losing Fat

Have you ever wondered how bodybuilders and fitness models can seem to always get the physique they want when contest time rolls around?

Their secret: It’s dieting on as many good carbohydrates as they can…while making sure the carbohydrates are shuttled into their muscles.

It’s not as complicated as it sounds and involves some simple arithmetic but once you find out your point…your body can change quickly.

This is my go to trick when it comes to getting bodybuilders and fitness models into super low levels of body fat.

It has the double benefit of stoking your metabolism and making you feel full after a meal…

When you combine this shortcut with the next one you begin to get a "stacking effect" making your changes come faster and faster…

How To Use The Supplement Stacking Tricks To Create an Avalanche of New Muscle Mass

What no one talks about is the interplay between certain classes of supplements. The base supplements, the muscle building supplements, and the fat burning supplements.

The all natural supplements used by the first place finishers…finally you can peek into their gym bag and see what it is they are taking to look like they do.

Discover which supplements are legal for natural competition and…


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