Spotless Paw in Action

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Loading .... Spotless Paw Dog Paw Cleaning Glove™ is the solution to the problem of wet, dirty dog paws. Before those messy paws track dirt into your home or automobile, or soil your clothing, use Spotless Paw to thoroughly clean and dry them. This soft, super-absorbent, unique six-fingered glove, manufactured of the highest quality microfiber, is designed for use with either the right or left hand – AND either side can be used, doubling the cleaning surface area. Hang Spotless Paw on your doorknob or handle, attach it to your belt loop, and stash one in your car. Wipes paws clean without water Dries quickly Keep one in your car Six fingers use either side on either hand Protects your hands Removes loose hairs and reduces shedding Works great on all sizes and breeds of dogs Machine washable and dryable ABOUT MICROFIBER Spotless Paw is constructed of the highest quality microfiber known today. The revolutionary high-performance fabric is a blend of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide. The weave and split of the fibers are woven and split in such a way that creates microscopic hooks that attract and hold dirt, water, mud and grime like a powerful magnet. Microfiber is a cutting edge technology in the textile industry. It is 100 times finer than a human hair, 40 times finer than wool, 30 times finer than cotton fibers, 10 times finer than silk, yet incredibly durable and soft. The improved technology of our microfiber makes it possible to manufacture a textile with over <b>…<b>


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