Something to Live For Episode 14: After the Rain, There’s a Rainbow(:

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Something to Live For Episode 14: After the Rain, Theres a Rainbow(: AT School; Jason(Mitchel) was just told by Timmie(Cody) that Jenna(Selena) "killed Cory(David)… Jason(Mitchel): Are you positive that she KILLED him??!!? Timmie(Cory): Well, thats what I heard….and he also tried to rape her… Jason: *puts his back to his locker and slowly slides down to the floor) I cant believe this…and I was such a jerk to her… Timmie: *crouchs down to the floor where Jason is, pats him on the shoulder* Dude, you didnt know… Jason: *wipes eyes* ……… At the cafe : Ashlie(Vanessa): *smells food* mmmmm! That smells delicious!! Amber(Ashley): Yeah, and loaded with fat! Ashlie: okayy…..uh, well were young! We can burn it off *smiles* Amber: *fake laugh* whatever… Ashlie: *talking to the cashier* yeah can i get two slices of pizza? Amber: What?! TWO? Damn Ashlie….no wonder why you have been looking chunky…*walks away* Ashlie: *shocked, mouth open…talking to the cashier* uhmm,.. nevermind about that…*follows Amber out the cafe to the halls* AMBER! Amber: *turns around* WHAT!? Ashlie: What the fuck is your problem? Amber: *fake laugh again* nothing! Ashlie: no….really, you have been loosing weight like crazy….*reliezes* wait…have you been eating? Amber: *smiles* of course i am Ashlie: ….have you been throwing it up? Amber: *mad* im not THAT desperate! (lie) Ashlie: Amber, its okay….i had an eating disorder a couple months ago.. Amber: *shocked* what <b>…<b>


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