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This is for u @xKristianForeverx :) ??? POV: My vision was blurry from all the tears. I hugged my coat tighter and continued walking. I heard banging coming from an ally so I looked that way. There was a dim light and I tried squinting to see what was going on. The streets were totally deserted and I knew it was stupid to go into a dark ally alone. But I had nothing to lose. The love of my life just cheated on me. I walked closer and saw a guy about in his 20s throwing things against the wall. He reached to pick something up but quickly pulled away. "fuck!" he hissed under his breath as he held his hand. I was about to turn away when I noticed blood was dripping from his hand. I walked closer and cleared my throat. He jumped a little and turned to me. "What do you want?!" he asked in the CUTEST british accent EVER! "um… I just wanted to see if u were okay" "well apparently Im not!" "let me see" I said and reached out to his hand. He yanked it away and I looked up at him. "it might me really bad. Let me see." he sighed before sticking his hand out towards me. I gently put it in my palm and examined it. "u have some glass in their… We need to get that out" "my house is right there.. I got it" "let me help u" "why do u care? Im just some random stranger u just met.. U dint even know my name" "well.. Im Kris (played my @xKristianForeverx)" "Louis" END Kris: well ru going to let me help u. Louis: (sighs; starts walking to his house) Kris: (follows) Louis: I could be <b>…<b>


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