Skinny Protein Shake | Diet Tricks

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Please sub us at: WOW!!!!! I guess you guys get 2 videos today! I started uploading and went to bed because it was past 1:00 am, and…. Upload aborted. UGH. Im sorry- totally my fault. I think the universe is trying to see how hard we are willing to work for our 30 vids in 30 days. We are not giving up!!! We have had several requests about more nutrition tips! Here is one of them, there will be more to come. This is one of our favorite protein powders, we have been loving it! This is our simple way that we start our day and get our metabolism going! I mean besides our coffee ;) Let us know what protein powders youre loving!!! LOVE MM&L xoxo Sorry again for the delayed upload!!!! See you guys tonight :) WANT MORE?! FOLLOW US HERE: The NEW MM&L Facebook Fan Page: MM&L Twitter: MM&L Instagram: mmandlshow


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