Sick Of It All

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READ THIS FIRST PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i made this for a contest its very depressing or atleast to me it is it has to deal with teen problems for demi and kevin gets so much hate from "fake fans" or fans who only like his brothers and not him or hate him because hes not hott or because he doesnt sing and stupid ccrap like that heres the stories: Kevins story; His real story is like the life hes living now. getting hated on by stupid fake fans . and he really tries his hardest to please his fans he basically lives for them and would do anything for them. but people dont realise how amazing Paul Kevin II really is and hes letting that get to him. -Kevin, I Know theres a lotta hate in real life for you but your amazing and dont you ever forget that. you are every bit as talented as Joe and Nick and dont yu ever forget that too ;] oh and i love your voice x] and i love you x] Demis story; Demi always wished she was popular. She noticed that all of the really popular girls like Tess are all really anorexic. She thought if she could lose like 10 pounds or more she could fit in with them. and Tess told her " Oh good job losing that weight! Lose another 5 punds and you just might be able to hang with us." But losing weight was hard for Demi. It hurt her when she starved herself. So to get her mind off of the hunger,she cut herself. She knew it wasnt good but it took the pain away so she did it anyway. Caitlyn, one of her friends,noticed her cuts and Demi told her about <b>…<b>


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