Secret Lovers Ep 24 {Weight; Wedding Planner?}

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Joe: *gets up* Demi: *bites her lip* Where are you going, Joey? Joe: *starts cooking* Make dinner Demi: *smiles; walks over; hugs him from behind; giggles* My Joey! Joe: *laughs* My Demzy! Demi: *giggles loud; buries her face in his neck* Joe: *finishs* Come on we have a wedding to plan Demi: *smiles; jumps on his back; giggles* Carry me, horsey. Joe: *carries her* Your heavy Demi: *smile instantly fades; tears fall; gets off of him; looks down* Joe: *sighs* What I do now? Demi: *tears fall harder; whispers* Y-Youre…r-right…*looks at him; whispers* I-Im heavy… I h-have to lose…w-weight! *runs to their room* Joe: *follows her* Demi: *runs in their bathroom; locks the door, crying hard; makes herself throw up* Joe: *yells* Baby stop!! Demi: *keeps throwing up; thinking: Lose the weight, Demi… Just keep going…* Joe: *breaks door down* Demi: *finishes; sniffles and wipes her mouth; slides down the wall, crying* Joe: *hugs her* Demi: *pushes him off; weak; lays down; closes her eyes* Joe: *sighs* Demitra Demi: *too weak to talk; nods; keeps her eyes closed* Joe: Why do this to yourself? Demi: *sniffles; whispers* Im s-so…ff-fat… Joe: You weigh 97 pounds *bites his lip* Demi: *sniffles; whispers* You said…I-Im h-he-heavy… Joe: *sighs* I was kidding Demi: *whispers* I t-take…i-it s-serious-sly. Joe: *whispers* You shouldnt Demi: *sniffles; tears fall hard; too weak to get up* Joe: I love you just the way you are *pecks her lips* Demi: *closes her eyes <b>…<b>


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