SCICO 2012 Application – Kerri Kosziwka and Lori Minassian

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This is our creative piece for our SCICO 2012 Application. The lyrics are posted below! Lets go be scico everybody! Yeah! Cmon Kerri, Cmon Lori Lets go be scicos, you wont be sorry Put on your Lab coat, And your airtight googles, Make them nice and tight for that maximum red line I havent done my CAPA yet Thats okay. I still have 5 psych modules left, But we dont mind, weve got till 11:59 Physics, bio, math and chem Well ace every one of them lets go get scico, today Earth sci, med rad, we love it! Theres this place we know Burke Science Building Got all my classes there Except for that one in T13. Theres Thode library We go there to study Itll be my books and me And dont forget the robot Ive got the last exam date Where the hells T28? But thats okay were gunna rock the final anyway Were gunna be scico on faculty day Everybody pipet and weigh Throw those dirty kim-wipes away Choose us for scicos today I went to the lab with a couple of friends We had 3 hours to get to the end We had to determine the acidity Of solution a and solution b We turn around and whos in the zone Dean of science, john capone He said "young ladies I love your swag Dont loose it or youll be a drag" SCICOs choose us today Well get frosh pumped on faculty day Lets go get scico Today. Everybody loves scicos Physics, bio math and chem Well help first years ace all of them Well be great scicos always Today (32) Lets get SCICO (12)


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