real life [ep19..the basement]

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——-3 weeks later—— [demi has strted showing more and it is now september 10..10 days till demis due date and she is bac in LA and has to film an ep of sonny wit a chance]…[at da studio] demi-[walks in]…hey guys[waves] tiffany-hey..y hav u been gone for such a long time for? demi-umm..jus takin a break u kno …relaxin tiff-ya..ha apperently ate to many sweets demi-huh..O!..heh…heh..ya..those uh..donuts sure do get to me tiff-u hate donuts wat ru tlkn bout? demi- did i say donuts?..heh..i ment uhh…gotta go to the bathroom![runs towards the bathroom then goes to her dressing room to call joe] joe-[picks up]hello? demi-hey babe its me joe-hey hun.. wats wrong? demi-i frgt i gained weight! joe-o craaaaap!did anyone say anything?! demi-well tiff was like apperently u been eatin too many sweets than i was like ya those donuts- joe-but u dnt like donuts demi-ya she relized tht then i was like..gotta gooo joe-well watr u gonna do? demi-idk joe-am i on speaker phone? demi-ya..y? joe-jus wonderin tiff-[walks in without demi knowin] demi-joe…wat if i like go into labor or sumtin?! joe-u wnt babe..youv got 10 more days all u gotta do is get through today then we can go bac to va for u to hav sonny tiff-WAT?!? demi-[turns around slowly wide eyed] joe-who was tht? demi-gotta go luv ya[hangs up] tiff-..demi who was tht and wat wer u tlkn bout?! demi-[gulps]um [shaky voice] i uh… tiff-was tht ..joe..jonas? demi-possibly tiff-and u said u luvd him? demi-heh <b>…<b>


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