Raw Vegan Fitness: Why Fruit-Based Diet Is The Best For It.

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Why raw fruit is the best food to fuel your sport and fitness needs? How does it compare to other foods, like meat and starch when it comes to your fitness performance and health? What benefits does a high fruit raw vegan diet have for you? This video will answer these questions and explain how your food affects your sports performance. Ready to switch to a raw food diet? You can get instant access to a FREE e-course: "How to Go Low-Fat Raw in 21 Days" by signing up now at: www.rawsomehealthy.com Get your copy of Deliciously Raw Dinners to enjoy low-fat raw vegan savoury recipes: rawsomehealthy.com Transform your life and your health and download The Spirit of Transition book: rawsomehealthy.com Donate to Rawsomehealthy Channel rawsomehealthy.com Thank you.


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