Quick Fat Burning Workout – 3 Minute Circuits to Burn Belly Fat

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For Over 50 Quick Fat Burning Workouts to Burn Belly Fat, please visit: www.QuickFatBurningWorkouts.com OK, for this quick fat burning workout, weve got six 3-minute circuits. After each 3 minute circuit, you can take a 1 minute rest break. I call this circuit The Boxer because you will be exercising hard for 3 minutes followed by a 1 minute rest, just like a boxing match. Each 3 minute round has 2 exercises. You should alternate between the 2 exercises as many times as you can for the 3 minutes. And if you want more workouts like this, please visit www.QuickFatBurningWorkouts.com Here are your 6 circuits 1) Jump Rope x 40, Mountain climbers x 10 each 2) Dumbbell High Pull with Sumo Squat x 15, Push Ups x 10 3) Resistance Band Row with Jump x 20, Mountain Jumpers x 10 4) Dips x 20, Squats x 20 5) Squat Thrusts x 8, Mountain Scissors x 15 total 6) T-stabilization x 10 total, Suicide Planks x 10 Because you are working out in an intense matter, this quick fat burning workout is great to burn belly fat. www.QuickFatBurningWorkouts.com


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