Quick And Easy Weight Loss

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If I told you that you could lose all of your excess weight without expensive supplements, exhausting routines and without EVER dieting, would you believe me? Three years ago, I was 90 pounds overweight. I struggled to lose weight. I weighed about 244 pounds and I was desparate to shed off the excess fat to about 154 pounds. I tried everything i could to loose weight but to no avail. (you probably know exactly where I’m coming from..) I was never comfortable with my body. I was big. I was uncomfortable with just about every aspect of my life. I was afraid to have a social life, I was afraid to eat infront of people, I used to wear jackets and sweaters to cover my body wherever I went even if it was a very hot day, I never fit in any clothes bought from a standard clothing store and i was miserable… I spent alot of money on diets that never worked, diet books and ebooks that were just good for nothing, supplements, weightloss coaches, appetite suppressants, weightloss pills. I even considered one of those weight loss reduction surgeries. I tried water diets, nothing happened, i stopped eating carbs, nothing still happened, and you know what Just like you, I came up short. The new diets quickly fizzled out and were replaced by yet another never-ending series of "hot new fat shredding programs" that lit up my television screen, promising that I could finally have the body I’d been dreaming of. They’d flash "before and after" photos of heavy set men and women who were transformed into hard-body hotties, sending home the message that my being fat was completely in my control, and all I had to do was pick up the phone, give them my credit card number and the fat would start melting away. Too easy? Unrealistic? To a fat person, the promise of a slimmer, healthier body means everything. As time went by with no success at all, i decided enough was enough. Like you, i was tired of lacking energy, of being embarassed in public, of being uncomfortable, of being tired, of shopping in the limited "plus size" department stores. I embarked to find out what exactly makes people loose weight. What secret do they exactly use? Are they any different from me, I thought to my self. It was time to change this. I remembered that every ‘secret’, every ‘technique’ failed to deliver on its promise and after spending thousands of dollars and putting my mind and body through an abusive cycle, I was still fat, exhausted and depressed. I started using the techniques presented on this ebook months ago and I am happy to share with you that I have lost 67 pounds to date. And I never made any lifestyle changes whatsoever. Read on…. Losing weight isn’t as easy as the late night infomericals make it look, is it? It feels as though you have to be incredibly self disciplined to even stand a chance at…


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