Psychotic 6 Min Fat Loss Workout

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Loading .... | Shocking fat loss tips: Sixpackshortcutters, weve stepped up our cardio workouts to the next level! Heres the latest bodyweight cardio that the Six Pack Shortcuts crew has been doing after our weightlifting workouts. Its crazy intense, but real simple to learn. And it only takes 8 minutes! Combining this workout with heavy compound weightlifting is a great way to trigger fat loss through the Afterburn Effect. Its also good to do on its own, but do it after a weightlifting workout and youll see how intense it can really be! Heres how you do it: — Each exercise is 30 seconds, then you rest for 30 seconds. You can keep track with a regular stopwatch or clock, but the best way is a GymBoss timer. You can pick one up at If youre doing it after your weightlifting, do each exercise once (6 minutes total.) If youre doing it as a workout by itself, cycle through each exercise 3 times (18 minutes total.) The exercises: 1. BURPEES 2. JUMPING KNEE TUCKS 3. SPIDERMANS 4. PRONE COBRA 5. SPRINT IN PLACE 6. HIGH KNEES 7. MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS 8. SIX PACK WIPES 9. IN AND OUT PUSHUPS 10. KNEE TO ELBOW PLANKS 11. DOUBLE PUMP JUMPING SQUATS 12. JUMPING LUNGES — And if you loved this program, then Ive got some BIG NEWS… I just filmed a full workout course which is consists of 100% intense bodyweight exercises like these that you can do with no equipment. I designed them to trigger the Afterburn Effect and give you a great workout in minimal <b>…<b>


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