Prepper WROL Diet Nutrition training and rest part 1

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Time to get in shape folks! You can totally do this. We are going to hit the ball out of the park on this one, I promise you. I have no magic, no fads just a straight, no-nonsense approach to fitness that has worked for me and has me running circles around the 20 something year olds. The other really good news about this diet, nutrition and exercise program is that it is going to cost you less for your food bills, not more. Forget fancy Jenny Craig diets, farsical "diet" foods (which are simply smaller portions of processed food that isnt giving you any energy). Forget all that snake oil. You will gain strength, confidence and endurance, all necessary things in anything you choose to do in life, especially the tough times ahead. You will feel good and look good. You will have better physical and mental health. Will you have to starve? No way, you wouldnt get fit doing THAT! Will you have to give up junk food entirely? Not entirely but it needs to be an occasional weekly luxury, not a daily crutch, especially in the beginning phases. Will you have to work out? Yes, you betcha! Will it be sensible? Absolutely. Put a message up and tell me if you are interested and what your biggest obstacle was or hurdle if you would like. Then get ready! I encourage you to see a doctor to make sure you are up to any physical fitness. Also, any advice I may give is purely advice, it is not a medical prescription, I am not able to be with you when you do exercise so I cant be responsible <b>…<b>


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