Pre-op Optifast Slim Down – Gastric Sleeve

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Hey! My first video so bear with me. Im a little slow haha and I had to be quiet as there were people sleeping in the next room :) So Ive made a list of things below of the things Im going to take into hospital… Sports bra (no under wire) that is going to be a few sizes too big Nightie Cotton knickers Bed socks (with grips) Crock slip-ons Loose clothes for the trip home Lip Balm Baby wipes Deodorant Tooth brush Face wash Mouth Wash Chewies Hair Brush Mobile Charger iPad Pillow Sleeping mask Ear plugs Robe Headphones Hotteeze So many more things Im sure Ill put on the list in the next few weeks. If you have any suggestions then comment below. Thanks! And Ill try be a bit more vibrant next time :-)


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