Pre-Op -Introducing bandingbunny !

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Here I am! Hello!! Im Maria and Im heading towards a lapband, probably within 4 to 6 weeks time (I have my "get the date" appointment on April 12th)! Two years ago my doctor told me I should be banded, based on all of my health issues and the fact that Im morbidly obese. I tried Jenny Craig and paid over $700 + ongoing food which cost over $100 a week. Ive had Light N Easy meals delivered to my home on more than one occasion. I spent all of my time hungry – never satisfied ie. it was not sustainable! I bought Betalife video tapes, there were 6 to watch, but I was hungry all of the time on that too. I bought the Gabriel Method book and saw Jon Gabriel in person at a seminar. Great stuff about the fat switch and being nourished. I aim to follow some of his guidelines when banded. He inspired me to get tested for sleep apnea (which I do have actually & snore LOUD & wake up most mornings feeling dreadful). I have Dr Sandra Cabots books on the Liver Cleansing Diet & the Body Shaping Diet. I couldnt tell you how many weight loss books I own including healthy eating cookbooks. I joined Weight Watchers and was even hired by Weight Watchers as a new member hostess. I was with WW for two years and yo-yod the entire time. At the end of two years I had lost about 65kg (143 pounds) if you added up the weekly losses however because I had gains too my body didnt reflect how much Id lost of course! After I left WW (because I was gaining more and more weight… and was <b>…<b>


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