Post Holiday Weight Loss Soup

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ATTENTION: If you post a comment about ANY type of weight loss plan, it will be deleted. I wont post anything I havent tried myself. Make sure you drink only water throughout the day while youre doing this. (You can have your coffee with sugar in the morning, I do ) You can add any veggie you want as long as its low carb, low starch like, Kale, lettuce, green beans, etc. If you eat this and only this, you will DEFINITELY lose weight. I also take a multivitamin with minerals everyday. If youve been eating a lot of sugar and high starch carbs, youll feel the effects of this way of eating right away. You may have a huge drop in energy, headaches and general feeling crappy initially from withdrawl of sugar and carbs, then you get very energetic, at least I did :) Also, once you lose weight, this is a great way to maintain, just replace a meal and high calorie snacks now and then with this. Youll also pee A LOT the first day or two from losing water weight, so stay hydrated with water. If you feel like you absolutely have to have something sweet at the end of the day, make it a piece of fruit, any fruit, even a banana. At least theres some benefit in a piece of fruit while theres none in cakes, cookies, candy, etc. Just dont have fruit all day. And remember, if you have any health problems, always check with your doctor before you start any changes in your eating.


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