Player/Bad boy

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Female Police Officer: Jacob Perez!(goes up to him) Princeton:(smirks. Stops walking) yes Ms. Sexybody. FPO:boy….did u purchase those hot cheetos im pretty sure u didnt. Princeton: um…yeah. i got the receipt.(shows her an old receipt) FPO:(sees that he did purchase the chips) ok. U go now. Princeton:(about to leave til…) FPo: im not stupid though. That receipt is really old. Like 1924.(smiles) im letting u go…cuz i more than like u.;) Princeton: if u like me that much u shouldve checked if i had the real receipt in my pants(smirks) FPO:(smh. Leaves) Princeton: huh. Thats what i thought.(goes to park) Taylor:(wearing short clothing. Jogging) Princeton:(looks up and sees her.) Damn. Taylor:(stops for a second. Wipes sweat off. Sees Princeton staring.) Um. Princeton:(looks at Taylors body. Biting his lip. Turned on) Taylor: hello? Afro puff? Big head? Dude! Princeton:(snaps out of it) oh. Hey whats ur name? Taylor: Taylor. Princeton: my names Jacob Perez. But my homies and hoe i mean ladie friends call me Princeton or Prince for short. But you.(looks at her body) you can call me papi or daddy cuz youll be screaming that everyday. Taylor: wow! Im leaving(about to leave til..) Princeton:(pulls her arm)aye. Sexy senorita. Baby that was a joke dont u have a little sense of humor. Taylor: whatcha want? Princeton: i want to know if u have a boyfriend or anything? Taylor: yeah and his name "is leave me alone"(walks away) Princeton: hey. Taylor. Stop. Look. I just saw <b>…<b>


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