Planet X : A Most Terrible Day!

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The most terrible day of your life might be coming very soon, as Planet X causes a sudden shift of the earths crust, as it has done so many times in the past Those who were there and witnessed it have news for you today They will tell you what its like and you can prepare for the day or just ignore it The creatures are from the star system we call, Zeta Reticuli, but we cant see their star It is very dim and so they have big eyes They have very skinny bodies and I think they are insects but Nancy Lieder says they are humanoid One of them has a head, shaped like a pumpkin They call him, Pumpkin Head! Get it? Hehehehe Pumpkin…………Head…… know? ……..Oh! Forget it! Youre a douche bag! Do you have your ticket, for the underground bunker? Life on the surface is going to be cataclysmic, you know? Volcanoes, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, hail, not with ice pebbles, but with iron rocks that weigh an average of 70 lbs each or about 150 kg Would you like one of those to fall on your head? That would splatter your head like a pumpkin dropped out of the World Trade Center Speaking of WTC, how did Building #7 come down, anyway? No plane hit it! It just collapsed, as if someone in government planted demolition devices in it The firemen said it went boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, like a controlled demolition I guess government figured were all going to die, anyway, when Planet X comes whizzing by and wipes out all life on earth or most of it, at least Did <b>…<b>


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