Paleo Diet Recipes – Sheppards Pie

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Loading .... This is not your average cook book. During my first glance through Sébastiens phenomenal new cooking guide I was blown away by the shear volume of helpful cooking information it contains. This isnt just a collection of delicious paleo recipes (of which it contains well over 300!), its also an indispensable guide on how to master the preparation of various complicated dishes. Want to know how to cook the perfect steak? Check. Make your own homemade stock? Check. Curious about lacto-fermenting foods? Check. That doesnt even begin to crack the surface. The 8 week meal plan will help any paleo newbie stick to a healthy eating plan, while the comprehensive herb and spice guide will start you on your way to becoming a wiz in the kitchen. David Csonka I was pleasantly surprised by The Paleo Recipe Book, and I think you will be too. Do your mouth and stomach a favor, and check this out. – David Csonka of Naturally Engineered http


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