Paleo Diet Plan – Sheppards Pie

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Loading .... When I first started the Paleo way of eating, I needed recipes to guide me. So I googled Paleo Recipes, and found your book. I was kind of leery at first, not really knowing if I was going to get a really good cookbook, or a collection of recipes with weird ingredients that I would never use. Much to my surprise, I got an excellent cookbook that I use all the time. Such great recipes as Moroccan Chicken, Salmon Fish Cakes, Omelet Muffins, BBQ Grilled Lamb Kebobs, just to name a few that Ive tried & loved. Simply put, if youre going to ditch the SAD diet & get back to a more natural way of eating, then the Paleo Recipe Book is a must have! Matt – Chula Vista, California http


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