Paleo Diet Plan: Fun Salad Ideas

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Get your recipes today at So many people get tired of eating the same ol salad over and over again. Well, with the paleo diet plan you will learn how to make a variety of healthy foods including salads. Once you get used to incorporating lots of cooked and uncooked veggies in your diet, making a variety of salads will be a breeze. If you are gonna eat a salad, you may as well, enjoy it right….put some excitement in them, by adding a variety of herbs such as fresh cilantro or basil and veggies you may have never eaten raw such as squash or beats or even nuts and seeds like almonds or sesame seeds. When making your paleo diet plan salad its good to go for a variety….so say goodbye to the house salad or your ceasar salad thats become all too common and create you own one of a kind salad. There is no limit to the creativity you can express with a unique combination of fruit, veggies, nuts, seeds and herbs.. The trick is however is to always have lots of fresh produce on hand in even given moment so you are able to mix and match foods for a new salad creation. Until next time…eat well, Lulu Find out how you can get healthy with the paleo diet plan by checking out my blog at


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